Worst Sci-Fi Books

My Worst Rated Science Fiction Books/Short story collections from the existence of this blog (with links to the reviews)

(this is bound to changed as I read more)

(does not reflect my actual all time least favorite sci-fi novels — just ones I’ve reviewed here)

1. Robert Silverberg — Master of Life and Death — .25/5

Tagline: “Sometimes a brutal dictator is good for humanity”

2. John Brunner — The Dramaturges of Yan — 1/5

Tagline: “Aliens are for sex, high tech surf boards are for space travel!”

3. D. G. Compton — The Missionaries — 1/5

Tagline: “Boring biker gang alien missionaries”

4. Damon Knight — Beyond the Barrier — 1/5

Tagline: “At least there’s a book with an Indian!  Haha, she’s actually a frog alien with tons of makeup.”

5. Irving A. Greenfield — Waters of Death (1967) — 1/5

Tagline: “Girls slipping from slips + marine animal massacres.”

6. Charles Platt — Planet of the Voles — 1/5

Tagline:  “Voles = Volvanians = ruled by those with vulvas = enough said.”

7. Ben Bova — Star Watchman — 1.5/5

Tagline: “Green wookies are dumb wookies!”

8. John Brunner — Interstellar Empire — 1.75/5

Tagline: “Even the author admits he used every cliché in the book!”

9. Barrington J. Bayley — Star Winds — 2/5

Tagline: “Alchemy lectures in (on a) space (wood boat in space)!”

10. John Brunner — The Wrong End of Time — 2/5

Tagline: “The Wrong End of a Cow (mixed with attempts at social commentary)!”


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