About My Ratings

Note: I tend to review films that I like (or pick out to review suspecting I’ll enjoy them) so there’s a predominance of high marks (especially in the ‘Good’ range)….

Science Fiction Books — five point scale

5/5 — Masterpiece

4/5 — Good, definitely worth seeking out

3/5 — Average, still worth reading

2/5 — Bad, stay away

1/5 — Abysmal, contemplate burning

Films — ten point scale.

9-10/10 — Masterpiece

8/10 — Very Good

7/10 — Good

5-6/10 — Average, worth seeing only if you enjoy the genre it’s in (science fiction for example)

under 5/10 — from Bad all the way to “large piles of unmentionable substances.” Again, if you like the genre perhaps some perverse entertainment (the brain hurting sort) can be gained…


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