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Science Fiction Inspired Song: Van der Graaf Generator’s ‘Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End’ (1976)

Van der Graaf Generator is one of my favorite prog-rock bands active in the late 60s and 70s.  Although this isn’t one of their best songs, ‘Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End’ from the album Still Life (1976) perfectly fits the theme of this sci-fi inspired song series.  The song is directly inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal novel Childhood’s End (1953) which postulates a future where aliens usher in the next stage of human Continue reading

Science Fiction Inspired Song: Nektar’s ‘Astronauts Nightmare’ (1972)

Nektar, an English band founded in Germany, is another virtually forgotten group restricted mostly to the more esoteric of psychedelic music circles.  Their debut album, Journey to the Center of the Eye (1972), is sci-fi themed throughout (I’ll post more songs over the coming weeks).  ‘Astronauts Nightmare’ is my favorite of the Continue reading

Science Fiction Inspired Song: The Rolling Stones’ ‘2000 Light Years From Home’ (1967)

I’d completely forgotten about The Rolling Stones’ interesting (if somewhat underrated) psychedelic album Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) and its few noteworthy tracks until one popped up on my pandora station.  The sci-fi and LCD inspired ‘2000 Light Years From Home’ Continue reading

A Film (documentary) Rumination: The Atomic Cafe, Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty (1982)

8/10 (Very Good)

Atomic Cafe (1982) is a scathing documentary on the atomic age created from archival film from the 40s-early 60s.  The scope of the material is extensive: military training films (often the most morbidly hilarious and poorly acted of the bunch), television news, various other government-produced propaganda films Continue reading